About Myself

My name is Michèle Burluraux. I'm living in Delmenhorst, in the midst of the silent nature. Parallel to my activities as an illustrator I am presently studying Systematical Buddism in Hamburg. I am also Reiki Master and Natural Health Practitioner for Psychological Therapy.

I met my Reiki teacher, Silvia Bergholz, in the year 2007. Her book, "Journey in the Light of Existence", (original title " Reise ins Licht des Seins" and not translated), philosophical texts, was published some years ago. The decision to re-publish these texts, but enhanced with illustrations, posed an enormous challenge, but one which I readily accepted and subsequently fulfilled; see: http://silviabergholz.de. In Silvia Bergholz I discovered a great promoter of my talents. The resulting co-operation was a very important step in my life. Our meeting fulfils me with sincere joy and deep gratitude. 

Through this act of fate, the gift of my creative eye coupled with the potential of my imagination and inspiration, I have come to the realization that each person carries a responsibility in relation to his abilities and talents, that responsibility being to use those inherent faculties. My stringent autodidactical development perfected my drawing talents and I now draw and illustrate to an extremely high standard. Pictures say more than a thousand words and therefore I am prepared to discuss with you your projects and suggest suitable solutions. I can be contacted for all types of illustration and any other graphic work.